The Semblance of Draxyx was a member of the Endangered Dangerous Species Society. He was the exalted remains of an Arcturan noble, kept in an armoured carapace which could keep him alive in the harshest of conditions. He had six-wheeled drive, telescopic eyes and DNA tracking devices. He had a hurt limb, which could fire a poisonous dart over two kilometres and an excavation limb. He could also camouflage himself with a cloaking device and screening sprays.

The Semblance of Draxyx loved to hunt in the Flux Savannah. He would drop off a creature and track it slowly as it died of starvation and thirst. When Sebastiene brought the Semblance of Draxyx to Planet 1 to hunt the Tenth Doctor, he had a section of the planet recreated to look like the Flux Savannah. Though the Semblance of Draxyx was successful in hunting the Doctor, he was killed when robotic versions of Suckweed and Soresox were reprogrammed to think that he was directly threatening Sebastiene. (PROSE: The Doctor Trap)

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