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Seeing I was the twelfth novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman, released 8 June 1998 and featured the Eighth Doctor and Sam Jones.

Much like Deceit did before it with Ace, Seeing I returns companion Sam Jones to travel with the Doctor after having spent three or four years away from him. Unlike Ace (who spent her time travelling and in the Spacefleet), Sam spent most of her time on Ha'olam.

Publisher's summary[]

He has no idea why Samantha Jones ran away from him.

Sam is homeless on the streets of the colony world of Ha'olam, trying to face what's just happened between her and the Doctor. He's searching for her, and for answers. While she struggles to survive in a strange city centuries from home, the Doctor comes across evidence of alien involvement in the local mega-corporation, INC — and is soon confined to a prison that becomes a hell of his own making.

Where did INC's mysterious eye implants really come from? What is the company searching for in the deserts? What is hiding in the shadows, watching their progress?

Faced with these mysteries, separated by half a world, Sam and the Doctor each face a battle — Sam to rebuild her life, the Doctor to stay sane. And if they find each other again, what will be left of either of them?


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  • Eighth Doctor
  • Sam Jones
  • Sara
  • Ramadan
  • Ari
  • ChrisBen
  • Shoshana Rubenstein
  • Zuabi
  • Mlihi
  • Crying Woman
  • Dr David Akalu
  • Mahmoud Rifaat
  • Ziba Hurst
  • Gamal el Bayoumi
  • Salameh
  • Paul Hamani
  • Orin
  • Chris
  • Khalaf
  • Tamar
  • Feroz
  • Leah
  • Amin
  • Brian Weissman
  • Isaac Lobachevsky
  • Lobachevsky
  • Deeb
  • Kafiyeh
  • Symonds
  • Sumrein
  • Cliff
  • Hanneh
  • Eric
  • Rachel
  • Eyal
  • Mataten
  • Stray cat



  • Sam goes to join the Eurogen Village.
  • The Eurogen Village is partially a project assisted by Livingspace.
  • The Doctor uses data umphs to search through several companies data bases including Imogen and resulting in "Kisumu Interplanetary's intranet collapsed." Kisumu most likely refers to the Dione-Kisumu Company. The data umphs also attack Gray Corporation's systems.

Cultural references from the real world[]

  • The Doctor describes what a perigosto stick is for: "You use it in a game of four-dimensional juggling".
  • The Doctor uploads fragments of Down Among the Dead Men Again.

The Doctor[]

  • Whilst imprisoned the Doctor goes into detail of how he was held prisoner by the Tractites.
  • The Doctor becomes a little bit claustrophobic after three years of being locked away.

The Doctor's items[]

Foods and beverages[]

  • Sam drinks coffee; she never used to after she had an experience with drugs.
  • Number 15 is a system of moves that the Doctor and Sam came up with. It involves the Doctor using a banana and pretending it to be a gun to hold someone up, while in the confusion Sam takes the guard's gun.


  • The Doctor explains to Sam what happened to Savar.


  • Sam's "Dark Sam" personality is referred to several times.
  • DOCTOR is an artificial intelligence based on the Doctor, sounding a bit like him. He goes travelling with another AI called FLORANCE.
  • The Doctor tells Sam that he met his granddaughter Susan whilst searching for her.
  • The Doctor claims to Dr Akalu that Romana always told him he had a death wish.
  • The Doctor seems to indicate he was taught how to sketch by Leonardo da Vinci, but was never very good.
  • Sam remembers sleeping with a bat, Jasper the Fledershrew, in the TARDIS.
  • Shoshana Rubenstein was Sam's flatmate for a while.

Individuals by profession[]


  • The Doctor continues with his search for Sam, stating, "I know she was there on the Kusk ship, I know she was on Mu Camelopides - but then where did she go?".
  • The buses on Ha'olam are ornithopters.
  • Sam watches a 3D TV with news stories concerning Mu Camelopides IV.
  • The Doctor travels to Gallifrey, to return Savar's eyes, and to Neo-Sydney, to have a tailor recreate his outfit.
  • INC owns 64 percent of Temporal Commercial Concerns, whose main assets concerned the planet Hirath.
  • The Doctor babbles at one point about wanting to be on Stella Stora and New Mars.
  • The Doctor posits that the I moved a Time Tree from Hirath to Tractis.




  • The eye implants are far safer (supposedly) than the synch-op links.
  • Shoshana Rubenstein gets an eye implant / replacement.
  • INC use a sonic cannon to destroy the Eurogen Village which may have been surplus from the Thousand Day War.
  • INC have a mind probe, which has 13 settings.
  • INC also have recovered from a crash a Borelli elemental compositor, a tritium powered something, a Kosnax fruit machine.
  • The I's ship is constructed partially of Tinclavic.


  • The beginning of the book contains a quote from PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation by Paul Cornell.
  • Continuing what could be considered a trend for Kate Orman novels, the Doctor gets tortured in extreme and interesting ways.
  • Sam has a relationship with a woman named Chris, confirming that she is bisexual.


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