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See No Evil was the third audio story in God Among Us 1.

Publisher's summary[]

Cardiff goes blind.

There's a hunter out there in the darkness. With no escape, and the screaming getting louder, Jack Harkness and Yvonne Hartman each set out to save the city in their own ways.


Yvonne is reorganising the Hub with Jack and encourages him to speak to Ng, whom he has been avoiding since Gwen's departure. Orr and Ng hear a strange noise, as does Andy who is leaving a voicemail for Yvonne. Everybody has gone blind, causing car crashes and panic.

Yvonne makes her way to Orr and Ng in the main room of the Hub, where Orr has determined that the whole city has gone blind. She then goes looking for Jack, who has found two pairs of night-vision goggles, and is called by Andy, who is hiding from a paranoid mob who believe that the police can see. Elsewhere, a woman looking for her baby is killed by a monster. A man outside of the barrier pushes through and is absorbed whilst an old man and a younger man helping him are also killed by the monster.

Jack, having got the goggles working, joins the others in the main room of the Hub and finally acknowledges Ng. He and Yvonne wear a pair each and exit the Hub, going looking for Andy. Ng notices that the sound from her workstation is now coming from elsewhere and Orr senses another presence, growing sharp teeth in response to it. Colin is lost and calls Jack, who decides to go and help him. Orr is developing the urges of the creature and tells Ng to run away. She turns up the volume at her workstation to attract it.

Yvonne finds Andy. A policewoman finds a group of people and radios Andy, telling him that the police are taking people to Bute Park per Yvonne's suggestion. Jack finds Colin with a number of other people at St Martin's and gives away that he can see, leading them to attempt to take his goggles and gun. He and Colin flee. One of the men who gave chase trips and is killed by the creature.

In the Hub, Ng senses someone's presence and realises that it is God, who remains silent. Ng apologises for what she did and begs her not to leave her alone in the dark. Yvonne and Andy determine that the creature is a predator that brings its own darkness to make its hunt easier. They get in a car and leave for Bute Park. God speaks to Orr and tells them that they sent the creature elsewhere. Jack and Colin get to Richmond Street and enter Ritz Tower.

Yvonne and Andy find the creature, which is so dark that it cannot be seen using the goggles. She directs Andy to shoot it through the window before switching roles, forcing the creature to change its plans. Jack and Colin arrive in Flat 151 and Jack confesses that the goggles had broken inside the church and that Colin had led them on his own. Yvonne and Andy break and enter into an electronics shop and find strobe lighting. In Bute Park, the creature confuses the people with sound and begins devouring them. Andy realises that Yvonne used him to put the people there as bait. Jack calls her to check in and she tells him to take the night off. He stays with Colin. Meanwhile, Andy unwittingly serves as Yvonne's bait, allowing her to shoot and kill the creature.

Colin makes tea for himself and Jack, and Jack tells him that, since the explosion at the Hub the day that Mr Colchester died, he thinks he has become mortal again. Andy convinces Yvonne to allow herself to be vulnerable by taking off her goggles. The darkness lifts and Yvonne invites Andy back to her flat. Colin kisses Jack when Mr Colchester appears, asking what Jack is doing with his husband.




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  1. King was credited as playing "Mourner" on the Big Finish app and website.
  2. Stevens was credited as playing "Policewoman" in the credits and "Julia" on the Big Finish app and website.
  3. Turns was credited as playing "Policeman" in the credits and "Old Man" on the Big Finish app and website.

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