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Sedna was the tenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Solar System. It was written by Andrew Frankham. It featured the Third Doctor and Jeremy Fitzoliver.


The Doctor and Jeremy have landed on Sedna. The Doctor has been here before, and recognises, to his dismay, the style of the architecture as being Siccati. He realises that the Siccati attacked their own colony world on Neptune when he visited with Sarah.

The Doctor needs to meet with the leaders of Sedna, the Arrangers, to get them to call off their attacks. He and Jeremy are informed by their guide, Aquati>Ntism, that they must each make a work of art to present to the Arrangers if they wish an audience with them. The Doctor paints a picture, and is very proud of it, while Jeremy makes a misshapen sculpture. To the Doctor's surprise, Jeremy is chosen to appear before the Arrangers. While the Doctor attempts another work of art, Aquati takes Jeremy to see the Arrangers.

Jeremy, however, gets lost and finds himself in a cavern, in which there is a huge egg-shaped device suspended over a shaft. Jeremy realises it is a bomb and heads back to find the Doctor and tell him of his discovery.

The Doctor and Jeremy are brought before the Arrangers, but only Jeremy is allowed to address them. He asks them why they are attacking their colony, and one of the Arrangers, Trompel<Oeilism, explains.

The Siccati, who value art very highly, travel through the galaxy turning planets into works of art, and then leave for another world. That is what the bomb is for — to transform Sedna into a work of art. The colonists on Neptune are supposed to be doing the same thing, but they wish to stay on Neptune. Jeremy proposes a competition — each planet will create their best work of art; if Sedna wins, the Siccati on Neptune will finish their work, and if Neptune wins, the Siccati there will be allowed to stay.

The Arrangers agree, and choose Jeremy to be their adjudicator. The Doctor is disappointed that he wasn't chosen, but decides to be the adjudicator on Neptune. Jeremy chooses the Neptune work of art as the winner, and they learn that the Neptune adjudicator also chose it.

Jeremy asks Trompel why he was chosen, and she explains that his imperfect art was exciting because it wasn't perfect. She then states that she is dying and would like Jeremy to take her place as Arranger. Jeremy declines, and he and the Doctor leave. On the way, however, they must make a stop on Neptune so the Doctor can take his turn as adjudicator.



  • The Doctor and Jeremy wear ADJs on Sedna.
  • The Doctor thinks van Gogh would have been proud of his painting.


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