The boss of on the ground security staff in Rokhandi World was responsible for maintaining order in the theme park. He was subordinate to Chief Security Officer August Hart.

The boss was usually accompanied by another employee. The standard procedure was to offer a troublemaker complimentary Rokhandi Floss or other merchandise. After telling the troublemaker that they believed in the carrot, they would bring him or her to the room where the Entity was kept. The task of the security staff was to push the miscreant within range, after which the Entity would take care of the rest.

The boss and his subordinate first did this to a young man who was spray-painting on doors. After an encounter with the Entity, he joined security staff of the park. The two later helped him push the Eleventh Doctor towards the Entity, which resulted in an explosion and the termination of the effects of the Entity on individuals.

Returned to his real self, the young man confronted the boss for feeding him to the Entity earlier. However, the boss claimed that he himself was under the Entity's influence and did not know what he was doing. (COMIC: The Friendly Place)

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