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Secret Histories was the thirteenth Big Finish Bernice Summerfield story anthology. It was edited by Mark Clapham.

Publisher's summary[]

In a broken down church on an isolated planet, Bernice discovers more than she bargained for on her latest excavation.

An old crime is uncovered, and Bernice is asked to find out what she can about the culprits. The long-dead victims are surprisingly talkative, but they ask for something in return.

They want someone to tell them stories.

With an audience of the dead to entertain, Bernice tells them stories from her life and those of her friends, spanning the distant past to her recent present, from before civilisation to depths of space.


Title Author Featuring
A Game of Soldiers Lance Parkin
Cooker Island Paul Farnsworth
A Gallery of Pigeons Jim Smith
The Firing Squad Eddie Robson
You Shouldn't Have Cody Schell
The Illuminated Man Mark Michalowski
Redacted Jonathan Dennis
The Song of Old Man Bunyip Richard Freeman
Turn the Light On Nick Wallace
Secret Histories framing sequence Mark Clapham

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