A Time Lord was a member of the tribunal that sentenced the War Lord and the Second Doctor during their own separate trials.

This Time Lord, with two other Time Lords, on Gallifrey, had captured the War Lord. The second Time Lord explained what the War Lord and his people had done. He said that the War Lord's plans were "an utterly callous disregard for the lives of the humans involved, and for the liberties of all the other species in the galaxy."

When he asked the War Lord if he had anything to say in his defence, the War Lord refused to say anything. The Time Lord used some of his power to cause intense pain for the War Lord, thus he spoke, saying that the Doctor collaborated with the War Chief and that if he was guilty then the Doctor was guilty too.

The Time Lord sentenced the War Lord to dematerialisation, wiping him out of existence after his verdict of guilty was reached. The second Time Lord listened to the Doctor's defence when his own trial came up and listened as the Doctor passionately addressed the Time Lord's own non-intervention policy and saying they should be helping those in need much like he did. The Time Lord later witnessed the Doctor refuse every new appearance offered to him when he and one of his fellows announced he would be exiled to Earth. (TV: The War Games)

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