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Second Doctor comic stories were published in Doctor Who annuals, TV Comic and Doctor Who Magazine.

Comic strip companions of the Second Doctor[]

Second Doctor comic stories[]

  • Many of the early comic strip stories did not have individual story titles so there is no "correct" title for many of the strips. Commentary and listings from older sources may use variant titles.
  • The titles given below conform to widely accepted titles (as referenced by Jean-Marc Lofficier and revised by John Ainsworth (comic historian)). The titles below were also adopted and used by Doctor Who Magazine and throughout Doctor Who Classic Comics (to which John Ainsworth was a major contributor).
  • The titles used below are firstly taken from the strip itself or, from titles given by the preceding issue. In some cases the writer/artist has been able to provide a title for a given piece of work.
  • The listing below shows first publication details only. Reprint details can be found by following the story links.
  • The comic strip's title changed from Doctor Who to Doctor Who and the Daleks from Issue 788, even though the Doctor's arch-enemies did not feature in every story. The title reverted to just Doctor Who from Issue 810, and the Daleks did not appear again in TV Comic again for the rest of the Second Doctor's comic strip run.

TV Comic[]

Travelling with John and Gillian
Travelling with Jamie McCrimmon
Travelling alone

TV Comic holiday specials[]

TV Comic annuals[]

Doctor Who annuals[]

Doctor Who Magazine[]

Title Writer Featuring Printed in Released
Time & Time Again Paul Cornell Seventh Doctor, Ace, Benny, First Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Susan, Jamie, Zoe, Adric, Frobisher, White Guardian, Black Guardian 207 25 November 1993
Land of the Blind Scott Gray Jamie, Zoe 224-226 16 March - 11 May 1995

DWM Specials[]

Title Writer Featuring Printed in
Bringer of Darkness Scott Gray Jamie, Victoria, Daleks DWMS Summer 1993

 IDW Publishing[]


Doctor Who (2012)[]

  • Dead Man's Hand (DW12 15 featuring Matrix projections of the first eleven Doctors and the War Doctor)

Prisoners of Time[]

Title Writer Featuring Printed in Released
Bazaar Adventures Scott & David Tipton Jamie, Zoe, Ice Warriors POT 2 28 February 2013
Endgame First ten Doctors, all captured companions, Adam, the Master POT 12 20 November 2013

Titan Comics[]


Back-up strips[]

The Many Lives of Doctor Who[]

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