Season 19 of Doctor Who ran between 4 January 1982 and 30 March 1982. It starred Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka. The season opened with Castrovalva and concluded with Time-Flight. It was released as a Blu-Ray box set in December 2018.

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It consisted of seven serials and twenty-six episodes airing on a bi-weekly schedule. Two milestones occurred in Earthshock. Firstly, the Cybermen returned, unannounced, for the first time since Revenge of the Cybermen in 1975 with a completely different design, with David Banks' first appearance as Cyber-Leader, a role he would return to in subsequent stories involving the Cybermen until Silver Nemesis. Secondly, for the first time since The Daleks' Master Plan which had aired in 1965 and 1966, a companion died. Other milestones included Black Orchid, the first non-science fictional historical serial since 1966's The Highlanders, and the destruction of the Doctor's sonic screwdriver in The Visitation. A cliffhanger ending to the series appeared to have left Tegan stranded at Heathrow Airport with the Doctor abandoning her by mistake (the Doctor had spent most of the series trying to get Tegan back to Heathrow, which almost became a running theme).

Originally, this series was going to have twenty-eight episodes- two more than normal. However, John Nathan-Turner used two of the allocated episodes for A Girl's Best Friend, the failed pilot to K9 and Company.

With this season, the BBC returned the series to a mid-winter season start, which had last been done for Season 12 and had been the format throughout the Jon Pertwee era.

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# Title Writer Episodes Notes
1 CastrovalvaChristopher H. Bidmead4Continued from Logopolis. First full story of the Fifth Doctor. Final part of the the Master story arc. First story to be directed by Fiona Cumming.
2 Four to DoomsdayTerence Dudley4Peter Davison's first story filmed as the Fifth Doctor. First story written by Terence Dudley.
3 KindaChristopher Bailey4First appearance of the Mara.
4 The VisitationEric Saward4First Doctor Who script for Eric Saward and the last onscreen use of the sonic screwdriver by the Doctor until Doctor Who (1996).
5 Black OrchidTerence Dudley2First pure historical story since 1966. Also features Ron Jones’ directorial debut on the programme.
6 EarthshockEric Saward4Final appearance of Adric; first companion death since 1966. Reappearance of the Cybermen.
7 Time-FlightPeter Grimwade4Temporary departure of Tegan Jovanka. First episode written by Peter Grimwade.

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All serials of season 19 were released individually in between 2003 and 2011. A Blu-Ray box set of the entire season was released in 2018.

Serial name Number and duration
of episodes
R2 release date R4 release date R1 release date
Only available as part of the New Beginnings box set in Regions 2 and 4.
Available individually or in the box set in Region 1.
4 × 25 min. 29 January 2007 7 March 2007 5 June 2007
Four to Doomsday 4 × 25 min. 15 September 2008 4 December 2008 6 January 2009
Only available as part of the Mara Tales box set in Regions 2 and 4.
Only available individually in Region 1.
4 × 25 min. 7 March 2011 7 April 2011 12 April 2011
The Visitation 4 × 25 min. 19 January 2004 8 April 2004 1 March 2005
Black Orchid 2 × 25 min. 14 April 2008 5 June 2008 5 August 2008
Earthshock 4 × 25 min. 18 August 2003 1 October 2003 7 September 2004
Only available as part of the Time-Flight/Arc of Infinity box set in Regions 2 and 4.
Only available individually in Region 1.
4 × 25 min. 6 August 2007 5 September 2007 6 November 2007

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Serial name Amazon Video Google Play iTunes
Castrovalva (4 episodes)
Four to Doomsday (4 episodes)
Kinda (4 episodes)
The Visitation (4 episodes)
Black Orchid (2 episodes)
Earthshock (4 episodes
Time-Flight (4 episodes)

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