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Season 13 of Doctor Who ran between 30 August 1975 and 6 March 1976. It starred Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith. The season opened with Terror of the Zygons and concluded with The Seeds of Doom.

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It consisted of six serials and twenty-six episodes. It was during this season that the Doctor cut ties to UNIT (after Terror of the Zygons, the Brigadier would not appear again until Mawdryn Undead in 1983, and The Seeds of Doom marked the last occasion to date that the Doctor was explicitly said to be working for UNIT -- as opposed to working with them as occasions warranted). Several of the serials in this season, particularly Pyramids of Mars and The Brain of Morbius, are among the best-known of the 1970s-era storylines. Though it was aired as a part of Season 13, Terror of the Zygons was actually filmed as part of the previous season; this holdover allowed the series to switch back to an autumn season start.

With this season, Doctor Who returned to launching new seasons in the autumn, something that had not been done since Season 6.

Television stories Edit

# Title Writer Episodes Notes
1 Terror of the ZygonsRobert Banks Stewart4Final appearance of Harry Sullivan as a companion and final regular appearance of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Introduction of the Zygons.
2 Planet of EvilLouis Marks4Debut of another TARDIS console room design.
3 Pyramids of MarsStephen Harris, aka
Robert Holmes
Story by Lewis Greifer
4Introduction of the Osirans and Sutekh.
4 The Android InvasionTerry Nation4Final appearances of Harry Sullivan and John Benton in televised Doctor Who. Benton reappeared in the direct-to-video Wartime in 1987.
5 The Brain of MorbiusRobin Bland, aka Terrance Dicks
Robert Holmes
4Introduction of the Time Lord Morbius. First and final appearance of the Sisterhood of Karn on TV until The Night of the Doctor in 2013.
6 The Seeds of DoomRobert Banks Stewart6Final regular UNIT-based story until 1989.

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  • Harry Sullivan left as a companion in Terror of the Zygons, and later returned in The Android Invasion.
  • Three stories featured UNIT: Terror of the Zygons, The Android Invasion and The Seeds of Doom. None of the regular UNIT characters appeared in the latter, which marked the final notable appearance of or reference to UNIT until Time-Flight.
  • This series has been voted the Best All-Round Series in DWM 413's Mighty 200 Poll.
  • For the first time since Season 7, no returning antagonists appear.

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  • Terror of the Zygons (1988/1999)
  • Planet of Evil (1993)
  • Pyramids of Mars (1985) (edited movie format)
  • Pyramids of Mars (1994)
  • The Android Invasion (1995)
  • The Brain of Morbius (1984) (edited movie format)
  • The Brain of Morbius (1990)
  • The Seeds of Doom (1994)
  • The Tom Baker Years (extracts from each of the stories) (1991)

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The stories have been released on DVD individually since 2004. Terror of the Zygons was originally released on DVD, minus special features, as part of The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule Collectors Set on 29 July 2013. It was finally released individually, complete with special features, on 30 September 2013.

Serial name Number and duration
of episodes
R2 release date R4 release date R1 release date
Terror of the Zygons 4 × 25 min. 30 September 2013 TBA 8 October 2013
Planet of Evil 4 × 25 min. 15 October 2007 5 December 2007 4 March 2008
Pyramids of Mars 4 × 25 min. 1 March 2004 10 June 2004 7 September 2004
The Android Invasion
Only available as part of the U.N.I.T. Files box set in Regions 2 and 4.
Only available individually in Region 1.
4 × 25 min. 9 January 2012 5 January 2012 10 January 2012
The Brain of Morbius 4 × 25 min. 21 July 2008 2 October 2008 7 October 2008
The Seeds of Doom 6 × 25 min. 25 October 2010 2 December 2010 8 March 2011

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Serial name Amazon Video iTunes
Terror of the Zygons (4 episodes)
Planet of Evil (4 episodes)
Pyramids of Mars (4 episodes)
The Android Invasion (4 episodes)
The Brain of Morbius (4 episodes)
The Seeds of Doom (6 episodes)

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