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The Sea Eagle was a mid-18th century Inverness inn. It was built close to the English garrison in the town, and was atypical of Scottish pubs. Instead it had the height and timbers of many English buildings of the period, rather than the dour, squat look of a typical Scottish one. Its clientèle thus mostly consisted of English soldiers. Many of the English perpetrators of Scottish enslavement, like Trask, Solicitor Grey and Perkins, frequented the inn's pub.

Polly Wright and the Second Doctor both spent some time in disguise in the place, trying to discover the fate of the Annabelle, a slave ship to which Jamie McCrimmon and Ben Jackson had been taken. (TV: The Highlanders, PROSE: The Highlanders)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Sea Eagle is not named within the surviving audio for The Highlanders. However, the name is prominently used in the Target novelisation, where it lends its name to a whole chapter. It was later used in the linking narration read by Frazer Hines on the AudioGO release.

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