Scrooge McDuck was, according to the Ninth Doctor, a "peasant" compared to Drake Ayelbourne, the richest man in the universe. (COMIC: Mystery Date)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Scrooge McDuck is a Disney character who first appeared in various comic books from 1947 before going on to appear in other media. He is the in-universe uncle of Donald Duck (from the same fictional universe as Mickey Mouse). The character is known for, among other things, his immense wealth.
  • David Tennant voiced Scrooge in the 2017 revival of the animated series DuckTales.
  • One of the most renowned authors of comics featured Scrooge, American cartoonist Keno Don Rosa and self-confessed fan of Doctor Who, had drawn a rendition of Scrooge (in a costume reminiscent of the Eleventh Doctor's) using the TARDIS to go back in time to 1896 in the Klondike, meeting his younger self just as he is about to become a millionaire[1], and another one where Scrooge (in his normal costume) appears intent on selling the TARDIS at a "Slightly Used Tardis Lot"[2]. Both cartoons are considered canonical on the Scrooge McDuck Wiki, though not on Tardis Data Core.
  • IDW Publishing, incidentally, would go on to be the publisher of multiple Disney comics in the United States, including a series starring Scrooge.

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