You may be looking for the cocktail or sonic screwdriver.

A screwdriver was a tool.

The sonic screwdriver was a device which the Tenth Doctor surmised to be "a screwdriver, and it's sonic." (TV: Smith and Jones)

After an infostamp left him believing he was the Doctor, Jackson Lake carried such a screwdriver, calling it his "sonic screwdriver". (TV: The Next Doctor) Screwdrivers could be used for building cabinets. (TV: The Doctor Dances)

They could also be used as weapons. Miss Quill told Charlie to stab a screwdriver through the hand of Orla'ath - a guise of the Lankin. (TV: Nightvisiting)

Constance Clarke stabbed a Dalek with a screwdriver on Strellin. (AUDIO: Order of the Daleks)

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