Screamers! was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2011.

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Inside a castle prison on the planet Argone, Professor Piritus Eglon's genetic experiments finally succeed. He splices together human and alien cells. As he declares his own genius, the Professor is shocked to see a hand burst out of one of the tanks in his laboratory.

Instead of Blackpool, the TARDIS arrives in the laboratory. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams find the Professor's dead body surrounded by glass tanks of head-and-arm combos in fluid. As Amy gets close, one of the tanks shatters and a creature breaks out with a scream that renders Rory unconscious. Assuring Amy that Rory will be ok, the Doctor gives chase as the "Screamer" takes off. Catching up with it, the Doctor finds a room of Screamers. He traps them by locking the door with his sonic screwdriver.

Amy and Rory have found the Professor's notes. The Doctor learns Eglon was imprisoned for scientific crimes on Argnan. He continued his work and found a way of combining human and Argonian DNA to form quolonic DNA. The Argones could survive without food, water, air or even a body! The Doctor discovers a cloning computer which he decides let the first Screamer duplicate itself. As he studies the equipment, the Screamers break out of their room and attack! The Doctor acts swiftly and, "reversing the frequency" of the Screamers' scream, turns it against them. They knock themselves out. While the Screamers are unconscious, the Doctor calls the planet's authorities, asking they seal the Screamers in the castle and ensure they never escape.

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  • Unusually this story features a death – that of Piritus Eglon, killed by his own creation, the Screamer.

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  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  • No reprints to date.

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