ScrapeJane was the second audio story in God Among Us 3.

Publisher's summary[]

ScrapeJane is a myth. A monster made up by an urban explorer. A monster that's caught on. A monster with forums, with merch, with a book deal. A monster that people have started to believe in.

A monster that's started killing.


Jeff and Niamh record the first episode of Cardiff Unknown for some time, covering ScrapeJane as "light relief" in the wake of the tsunami. They recite an incantation written by ScrapeJane's creator, Meredith Pope, and she appears, although only visible to Jeff. She tears him apart. Ng and Mr Colchester examine the crime scene and watch Niamh's video of the death.

Tyler gives a blanket to Orr, who remarks on how much he has changed and how he is being a good person. They tell Tyler that it was true that he was responsible for bringing back Mr Colchester.

Ng and Mr Colchester go to Meredith Pope's outdoor shop and ask her about ScrapeJane. She tells them that she made the monster up to get people interested in urban exploring. The two find the 13th century priory under Bute Park, a Weevil nest, where ScrapeJane allegedly lives. They accidentally awake ScrapeJane, who tears the Weevils apart and chases them, visible only to Mr Colchester. Ng knocks him out with her gun and takes him back to the car. There, they are attacked by ScrapeJane again, but this time they can both see her. She disappears when a woman checks to see if they are dogging.

Mr Colchester and Colin tell one another about their days and go to sleep. In the night, Colin wakes Mr Colchester up after seeing ScrapeJane in the flat, but they are saved by Ng, who barges in and banishes her. She sedates Colin and leaves with Mr Colchester, saying that God's presence is behind ScrapeJane. They meet with Meredith and go to the room where she created her, above a burger bar, and tell people on social media that they put ScrapeJane to rest with a ritual. However, her followers do not believe her and Meredith doubts herself, causing ScrapeJane to appear.

Mr Colchester and Ng remain in a chalk circle, safe from ScrapeJane who talks to Ng about her nightmares and how many planets she has seen die. The circle loses power when Meredith stops believing in it and Ng defeats her by smashing the stained-glass window that inspired her and telling a story. She believes that what has happened is because God has stopped believing in herself.




  • This story is a posthumous release for its author Robin Bell, who passed away from cancer one month prior.


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