The Scotus Clinic was a weight-loss clinic in Cardiff. It was named after Dr Scotus and offered a revolutionary expensive but effective treatment. By the time of it's closure in the mid 2000s, the Scotus Clinic had twenty-eight clients. They included Lucy Sobel, Marianne Till and Rhys Williams.

Prior to meeting Dr Scotus, potential patients would be taken to an examination room where they would undergo a series of tests, checking physical attributes including body fat percentage, muscle mass and lung volume. The results of the tests were sent through to Dr Scotus' laptop.

Following the tests, the patient would meet with Dr Scotus in Scotus' office, where he would talk them through the weight-loss program and give them a pack containing two pills - one to start the treatment and the other to stop it.

Realising a number of his patients were experiencing side effects, Dr Scotus arranged for his clients to be kidnapped and taken to a cannery at Bute East Dock.

After finding flyers on alien tapeworm victims, including Till and Sobel, Gwen Cooper and Jack Harkness investigated the clinic. Gwen entered Scotus' office, where she was attacked by a parasite, which Jack nicknamed Ringo. In the second of the two examination rooms, they discovered the dead body of Scotus' receptionist lying on an examination trolley. (PROSE: Slow Decay)



The Scotus Clinic occupied the twelfth floor of a Cardiff office block. The lobby of the clinic contained a waiting area, with several comfy chairs and a receptionist's desk. There were three doors, the left and middle opened into two examination rooms, the right door was labelled 'Doctor Scotus' and opened into Scotus' office.

Doctor Scotus' office[]

Entering Scotus' office, to the left were framed certificates and a bookcase full of medical textbooks on nutrition, digestion and parasitology. At the far side of the room was Scotus' desk, which looked like a slab of stone on top of a mass of wood. The desk was free of clutter, but for Dr Scotus' laptop and a framed photograph. The photograph was a picture of Scotus, he was fatter, and wearing a light khaki jacket and trousers in a jungle environment. One of the drawers in the desk contained blister packs, each containing yellow and purple pills. In front of the desk was a chair with no back, which looked like a knot of pine with a padded seat and a knee rest. By the side of the desk was a waste paper basket. There was a broad window behind the desk, which looked out at the sky and filled the room with light.

Examination rooms[]

The two examination rooms were mostly identical. They had clinical white walls. There was a desk against the far wall, with a similar chair in front of it to the one in Scotus' office. The drawers of the desk contained paper clips, pens and post-it notes. A curtained area to one side was used by patients to undress. A trolley with a black PVC surface against the other wall was used for clinical examinations. Abstract paintings decorated the walls. (PROSE: Slow Decay)