Doctor Scotus was a nutritionist based in Cardiff. He ran the Scotus Clinic.

Biography Edit

As a veterinarian Edit

Scotus worked as a veterinarian, and owned his own clinic just outside of Cardiff which specialised in farm animals. He was called to investigate the death of a cow which had a condition which he assumed to be BSE. Upon doing an autopsy, Scotus discovered an alien tapeworm living within the cow's stomach. He placed the parasite in a nutrient solution, causing it to grow into the next stage of it's evolution. The creature implanted it's eggs into his dog, killing the animal in the process. Scotus studied the eggs for fifteen years, implanting them in rats, cats and other dogs, eventually working out the life cycle of the tapeworm-like creatures. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

Running the Scotus Clinic Edit

Scotus believed he had found a way of making people slim and making himself rich at the same time. He set up the Scotus Clinic, masking the eggs as pills. Believing nobody would buy pills from a fat nutritionist, Scotus tried them himself. The parasite growing within him gave him cravings to eat anything and everything, but he suppressed it with protein supplements, drugs and sedatives.

Scotus' control over the life-cycle of the parasites using herbs was not absolute. He also did not know until after he had prescribed his weight loss pill to a number of patients that the tapeworm could cause psychosis if it grew too large. Scotus developed a hormone which would delay their growth, and tested it on his receptionist. This new system of treatment would require patients to take an extra daily tablet. Scotus' receptionist forgot to take a tablet, and the creature within her reacted.

A deal was made by Scotus with the Cardiff criminal fraternity; they protected him, and carried out menial tasks, and in return he paid them a cut of the profits. He had the criminals kidnap his customers from the streets of Cardiff and transfer them to a cannery at Bute East Dock. Once there, Scotus removed the parasites from their bodies. He planned to then use the bodies as secondary hosts for the tapeworm's eggs, creating a continuous production line.

Torchwood Three were able to give him the herbal remedy which he had developed to kill the tapeworms. Scotus' parasite, though, was so integrated with its host that he died as well. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

Appearance Edit

Scotus was tall and thin. He wore a black suit with a high, round collar and a white, uncreased shirt. His blond hair was brushed back over his forehead, although there were some stray hairs which waved gently. He had a deep and confident voice, with a veneer of good fellowship. To Rhys Williams, he looked to be about 40, though he had a healthy face and could have been much older. He had hot, dry hands. Jack Harkness noticed he had considerable charisma. (PROSE: Slow Decay)

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