Scootori "Scooti" Manista was a trainee maintenance officer who was posted on Sanctuary Base 6. Scooti was twenty years old when she met the Tenth Doctor.

Scooti was in the control room, preparing for the quake, when the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrived. Afterwards, she was at the meeting to update the pair on the situation of their mission, and, along with Danny, explained who the Ood were to Rose.

Later, Scooti went into Toby Zed's room to drop off his expenditure, but he wasn't there. While she was placing the paperwork on his desk, she heard the airlock open. She queried the computer who could have opened the airlock when no spacesuits were taken. Scooti saw the possessed Toby outside the window in the vacuum calling for her. Helpless, Scooti raised her hand towards him. However, she eventually resisted him, and pleaded with him to stop. Angered by her refusal, Toby clenched his fist, and the glass began to break. Upon realising this, Scooti gasped and tried to escape through the door. However, the door remained sealed despite her pleas, and soon after, Toby shattered the glass, and the pressure broke. Air began rushing out of the base and Scooti was torn away from the door by the rushing air and was sucked into space screaming. Her dead body was later discovered by the crew floating within the vacuum above the base. (TV: The Impossible Planet)

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