The Scientific Elite was a team of Kaleds trying to develop a way to win their Thousand Year War against the Thals. The head of the Elite was Davros. Every member of the Elite was loyal to their cause. The symbol of the Scientific Elite was a rune, composed of an eye with two lighting bolts eminating from the top and bottom of the eye. Senior Scientific & Security Staff wore this rune on their collars to distinguish themselves from the Military Elite and other divisions of Kaled Society.

History[edit | edit source]

Thousand Year War[edit | edit source]

The Elite developed technology for the war effort. They created a protective field for the civilian dome and produced anti-radiation drugs for the populace of the Kaled Dome.

Dalek project[edit | edit source]

The Elite knew that their race would eventually evolve into something else because of certail chemicals used in the war and Davros was designated to create a machine where the new Kaleds would be able to live in. For this purpose, he developed the Mark III Travel Machine, which he could control by remote and independent control. This new development could be used to defeat the Thal. He announced the Mark III Travel Machine would be called a "Dalek".

The Elite saw that Davros was turning the Dalek into a creature of evil and hatred. As this would have interfered with their evolution, they turned against Davros after the Kaled Dome was destroyed (thanks to Davros giving the Thals the formula).

They presented Davros with a choice: give the Daleks emotions and a sense of right and wrong or work on the Daleks would stop and they would be destroyed. The Elite divided into those who remained loyal to Davros and those who against him. During that time, Davros had been remotely calling his Daleks to the bunker he and the Elite were in. When the Daleks arrived, they exterminated all who were not loyal to Davros, but soon found they were superior, even to Davros. They exterminated the rest of the Elite, Davros' assistant Nyder and then Davros himself. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

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