The Schirron Dream was a semi-sentient spaceship from the pocket dimension called the System. It was captained by Nathan li Shao and other crew members included Six and Kiru. The crew were pirates, although li Shao preferred to call them "freelance entrepreneurs filling an unofficial niche in the commodities market."

As with all technology in the System, the Schirron Dream was a hodge-podge of equipment salvaged from vehicles that had been trapped in the System. It was powered by orgone energy. It was also capable of faster-than-light travel and had artificial gravity, although the Doctor had to show li Shao how to activate these features.

The Seventh Doctor, Benny Summerfield and Leetha booked passage on the ship during their quest for the Eyes of Schirron. The ship subsequently escaped to the universe normally inhabited by Benny and the Doctor before the System collapsed, rescuing the Sloathes and their former slaves, including Sgloomi Po. (PROSE: Sky Pirates!)

When Benny later met up with Po, she reckoned that the Schirron Dream must surely be somewhere nearby. (PROSE: Oblivion)

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