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Doctor Who: Say What You See was a 2013 video game developed by Big Ideas Digital and published by BBC Worldwide.


The player must guess the name of an episode, character, or object seen in Doctor Who based on a visual clue. The given example is a C with devil horns, is a Sea Devil. There are three canvases available at launch, the Tardis, Totter's Lane, and Gallifrey, with more to follow. Each canvas has 50 puzzles.


Doctor Who: Say What You See

There are several pictures shown in the game, which are all related to Doctor Who. For example there is a man who dances with a girl inside the TARDIS. This pictures relates to the Doctor Who Episode The Doctor Dances. After writing The Doctor Dances a short fact file about the episode appears. If you tap "reveal" then you will get one hint to a picture. Some pictures have more than one solution.

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