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Save Paris, also known as Save Cyber Paris!, was an online game based off the Preachers' war with the Cybermen in Pete's World.


Paris is controlled by the Cybermen and it's up to you to rescue civilians while destroying the Cybermen on the road. Among the civilians are scientists, when they are rescued, the airship receives slight repairs, or the shots are more effective or stamina of these decreases. On your mission, you are guided by Mickey Smith (voiced by Noel Clarke).

Three levels are present in the game, 5 civilians must be rescued in the first, 7 in the second and 15 in the final. The last level contains flying bombs he must try to avoid. At the end of it, he must destroy a building, it is written using the EMP, but the shots are normal enough to destroy it. Once the game is completed, a video is launched with Mickey saying: "You did it, you saved Paris. Goodbye!". The wallpaper of the game is a link to the web page Cybus Industries (http://www.cybusindustries.net/).


To move the airship, the arrows are needed. To rescue civilians, it must lower the ladder the using the spacebar. It is possible to destroy the cybermen with 2 ways, either by clicking the cursor in the direction of the Cybermen, firing an energy blast, or in the case of several cybermen use the EMP pulse using the E that destroys all the Cybermen in the are. It is possible to pause the game by pressing P, press H for help.


  • This game is a reference to the end of TV: The Age of Steel, where Mickey wonders "with all those Cyber factories out there, do you think they'll be one in Paris?". When Jake affirms, Mickey says, "Then, let's go and liberate Paris." Jake is sceptical but Mickey is eager to help out in the parallel Earth.
  • GAME: Cyber Assault shows a different account of the liberation of Paris, in the game, Western Europe is Cyberman territory. In Cyber Assault, Base Attacks are used to destroy Emotional Inhibitors, a Preacher is sent to the factory and destroys the emotional inhibtor with his firearm, rather than transmitting the code. It is possible the Cybermen later retook Paris.

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