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Professor Saurian was a dinosaur scientist, and a recurring enemy of the Eleventh Doctor.

History[edit | edit source]

Saurian was a dinosaur-kind creature from a planet similar to Earth. His planet faced an Ice Age that would see his kind destroyed. Having discovered Earth with its rising temperature, Saurian saw it as a potential new home world for his people. Using underground caves he set up a base from which to raise the Earth's temperature even more by causing all the planets' volcanoes to erupt. Saurian's plan was stopped by the Eleventh Doctor, who managed to contain the explosion to one volcano. Not taking the Doctor's offer of help, Saurian made his own escape in his spaceship before the volcano exploded. (COMIC: Extinction Event)

Saurian once again tried to change Earth history using a "roll-back machine" that saw Times Square in New York being evacuated as the city was overrun by dinosaurs. Once again the Doctor defeated Saurian this time by resetting his machine via "reversing the polarity of the neutron flow". Saurian was taken along with his machine and the dinosaurs back to the Jurassic Age. (COMIC: Dinosaurs in New York!)

Undeterred, Saurian constructed a machine that would keep the meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs from ever hitting Earth, which would eventually result in dinosaurs evolving into humanoid forms, gaining dominance over Earth. When the Doctor and Amy arrived, Saurian telepathically ordered a group of dinosaurs to capture them. However, the Doctor used his watch to hypnotise Saurian into releasing his telepathic hold on the dinosaurs, who promptly rampaged, destroying the machine. Saurian was last seen fleeing from the ravenous dinosaurs. (COMIC: Dino World)

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