Satellites, also known as Satellite Game, was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website. The video game was based on the episode Tooth and Claw. A password (victoria) is needed for the game.

Scenario Edit

Use the Torchwoood observatory for viewing the lunar surface, exploring the solar system, scanning for heavenly bodies. The use of the Torchwood observatory is limited to authorised personnel. All use of the Telescope is monitored.

View lunar surface Edit

Satellites (video game1)

Scanning the surface of the moon.

Scan the surface of the moon. The following places could be scanned:

Lacus Mortis Edit

Coordinates 45,0° N, 27,2° E. Latin for "Lake of Death", this crater is a plain of basaltic-lava flows known for its extensive system of criss-crossing rilles.

Mare Tranquillitatis Edit

Landing site for the Apollo 11 lunar module, the first official mannered mission on the Moon. Level two authorisation is required to view this area.

Marinus crater Edit

Coordinates 39,4° S 76,5° E. Borders the Mare Australe lunar mare.

Eratosthenes crater Edit

Coordinates 14,5° N 11,3° W. In 1924, William Henry Pickering reported dark patches migrating across this crater, suggesting active life forms.

Tycho crater Edit

Coordinates 43.3° S 11.2° W. Since 2001, Tycho has been the source of unusual signals. These have increased considerably in recent months.

Grimaldi crater Edit

Coordinates 5.2° S 68.6° W. Known for its history of transient lunar phenomena, including occasional flashes of light, colour patches, and areas of hazy visibility.

Scan for heavenly bodies Edit

Get access to the Torchwood observatory and the telescope. Scan at least four satelites.

How to play? Edit

View lunar surface Edit

Scan the surface of the moon by clicking on certain spots of the moon.

Scan for heavenly bodies Edit

Satellites (video game3)

Space junk (left) Comet (next to the space junk) Satellite (right)

At first the player has to enter the password "victoria" to gain access to the Torchwood observatory and the telescope. Then he has to use his arrow keys to scan four satelites. Some satelites are rogue saltelites which won't count as one of the four target satelites. Passing comets will damage the filter lenses. Once the player has found four target satelits, he gets a message from Mickey Smith. Mickey thanks the player for his help.

Controls Edit

Satellites (video game4)


View lunar surface Edit

  • Only the mouse is needed.

Scan for heavenly bodies Edit

  • Arrow keys for scanning the satelites
  • Space for zoom
  • H for Help
  • S for Starmap.

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