Sasha was born in Rawbone in 1987. A nearby government experiment with an alien device sterilised the entire town. This meant that Sasha was one of the last natural births there. The government gave Scions to the residents as partial compensation for the loss of potential children.

In 2011, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams and Anwen Williams came to Rawbone on the run. The appearance of a real human child disturbed the people of Rawbone. Sasha became obsessed with Anwen and tried to kill her Scion son Billy. These and other disruptive actions made the leaders of the Juniper Project accelerate their plans. They decided to kill Sebastian, the first Scion, and activate the replacement they had created. However, Sebastian chose to take over the world and took control of the other Scions. His first action to that end was to kill Sasha. (PROSE: First Born)

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