Saraquazel was an entity that came not from the current universe but the one that would follow it. Its existence was discovered by Ashley Chapel, who created the Millennium Codex through quantum mnemonics to bring Saraquazel into the current universe and usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. It had powers that were similar to the Great Old Ones and its original form had iridescent rudders and a tessellated mid-carapace. However, the form it used to interact with Chapel was that of a golden humanoid with an antelope's head.

Anne Travers, frantic in her belief the Codex would be used to summon the Great Intelligence prepared a counter-mnemnonic to expel Yog-Sothoth from the normal universe. With the combined blast of the Codex, the counterspell, and the death of a Cybrid accidentally killed by Mel Bush, the resulting energy backlash and wild universal laws resulted in a merger between three different universes and the reshaping of London into the Great Kingdom, an unstable realm throbbing with the three different set of physical laws threatening to destroy it. Saraquazel was one of the three gods worshipped in the lands, along with the Great Intelligence and Lady TARDIS. Unfortunately, another side effect was the unexpected merging between Saraquazel and the Great Intelligence to create a monstruous, utterly alien, divine creature.

Following the restoration of reality, Saraquazel set off to find a way back to its home universe, taking with it a reluctant Ashley Chapel, encased in a protective bubble of Codex-generated laws. It believed that wormholes, temporal rifts or pan-dimensional vacuum emboitments might be routes back home. (PROSE: Millennial Rites)

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