Sarana Teel was a Drakkian soldier who fought during the Time War. She was a dressmaker by trade.

She was trapped in quicksand when the Eighth Doctor found her. She was the people's champion of one of the tribes of the planet. She attacked the Sontaran Jask, knocking him unconscious. Sarana was sent by her people to broker a peace with her enemies and rescue her children. Jask tried to turn her against the Doctor by explaining to her about the Time War and the Time Lords' actions in changing her timeline.

She accompanied the Doctor to the Sontaran ship and helped him stop their invasion. After returning to Drakkis, the Doctor helped her fighting cities find a peace accord; however, because Jask had informed her that any peace on Drakkis would never last, due to the effect of the Time War, she would inform her children never to trust a Time Lord. The Doctor tried to make peace with her, but she cast him away in disdain and demanded that he never returned, disgusted by him and his people. (AUDIO: The Sontaran Ordeal)

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