Sarah Sutton (born 12 December 1961[1][2]) played Nyssa in Doctor Who from The Keeper of Traken to Terminus, as well as Nyssa's doppelganger Ann Talbot in Black Orchid. She also made a cameo appearance as Nyssa in The Caves of Androzani and reprised the role in the thirtieth anniversary special Dimensions in Time.

Nyssa was a companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors from 1981 to 1983. Although Sutton left full-time acting after her time as Nyssa, she has since performed this role in several of the Big Finish Productions Doctor Who audio dramas and played an unrelated role in a Doctor Who universe audio drama by BBV Productions.

Prior to Doctor Who, Sutton appeared on other television programmes, including Alice Through the Looking Glass (1974) as Alice (a role which Deborah Watling also played) and as Diana Purwell in The Moon Stallion (1978), written by Doctor Who writer Brian Hayles, in which she managed the difficult task of playing a blind girl throughout the entire serial. She also appeared in The Crucible (1980) as Susannah Walcott.

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