Sarah Newman was the uncredited production secretary on the Doctor Who television stories Terror of the Autons (INFO: Terror of the Autons), The Claws of Axos (INFO: The Claws of Axos), The Dæmons (INFO: The Dæmons), Day of the Daleks (INFO: Day of the Daleks), The Curse of Peladon (INFO: The Curse of Peladon), The Sea Devils (INFO: The Sea Devils), Frontier in Space, (INFO: Frontier in Space), Planet of the Daleks (INFO: Planet of the Daleks), Death to the Daleks (INFO: Death to the Daleks), The Monster of Peladon (INFO: The Monster of Peladon) and The Ark in Space. (INFO: The Ark in Space) She was also the uncredited producer's secretary on The Three Doctors (INFO: The Three Doctors) and Robot. (INFO: Robot)

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