The Saraani were a species of religious, reptilian humanoids.

Biology Edit

The Saraani were tall, with broad chests, narrow waists and long limbs. They had large, teardrop shaped heads, with horns on the top in various patterns. Their skin ranged in colour from blues to pinks to greens. They had gill-like structures around their necks, allowing them to breath. They fed on insects, which they ate using their long, retractile tongues. They had little need for water.

Saraani had short lives, only living 10 years. In order to compensate, they had a unique method of reproduction. When they reached the end of the lives, they would rapidly start to age. At this point, another Saraani would use a probe like tongue, which would be able to weave into the dying Saraani's brainstem. This process would begin the asexual production of an egg, which would gain the memories of the dead Saraani, allowing the Saraani to be effectively reincarnated. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

Culture Edit

Religion Edit

The Saraani were a very religious species, until they were overthrown by the atheistic groups. The Saraani believed in the God Universe, a pantheistic theory that God and the universe were one. The Khulayn was the religious leader, equatable with a priest. They banned the drinking of alcohol and disliked advanced technology. Saraani would hum through their gills to deter evil spirits.

Reproduction was strictly regulated by their religion, where it was called the Holy Transference. The sharing of minds following the Holy Transference was known as communion, while the eventual addition of memories to the egg was the Holy Instruction. For the Holy Transference, the dying Saraani were expected to make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Ending in their home town. Those who would take their minds would be expected to fast for days beforehand. When the egg was to be laid, the Saraani would go to the Temple of Beginning. Holy Transference with an alien was strictly forbidden, punishable by abortion of the egg and excommunication.

The Saraani used water-murals, which were complex series of chutes and wheels, to sanctify water for religious ceremonies like the Holy Instruction.

The atheists who didn't follow the religion were known as Renaissants. Until they came into power, they were generally sterilised so they could not reproduce and share their minds. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

Other cultural traits Edit

Saraani had long names, up to 60 syllables long, and unpronounceable to humans. When dealing with other species, they used syllabic compression translation systems, shortening the words to two or three syllables.

Saraani architecture was more open than human designs, with fewer edges and corners. They didn't uses stairs, but did use ramps and elevators. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

History Edit

The Saraani were an older species, with their civilisation beginning around 497400 B.C. During this time, their religion developed, as well as the individuals who opposed it. Though these Renaissants were originally rare, over time they grew in power and number. At some point in the late 26th century, the Renaissants took control and exiled the religious Saraani off the Saraanis.

One Khulayn planned to take back control of Saraanis. Making a deal with Czaritza Violaine of Visphok, he agreed to help her build a bioconstruct army. Using the Holy Transference to transfer the minds of old soldiers to the new bodies, she agreed to first use the army to take back control of Saraanis. They planned to meet on Dellah, with the Khulayn bringing unknowing refugee Saraani for the process. When the Earth government caught wind of this, they employed a Saraani, Vilbian to investigate the matter.

During the trip to the meeting point, an early bioconstruct subject went berserk, attacking Bernice Summerfield and killing Maeve Ruthven. Vilbian saved Maeve's mind and during communion learned of the plans the Khulayn, at which point he transferred Maeve's mind to one of the bioconstructs to try to save her. When the Visphok forces arrived, the Saraani were captured, but Benny was able to free them after the bioconstruct containing Maeve's mind went berserk. Following their freedom, the Saraani planned to settle on Dellah, with Mirrium becoming the next Khulayn after the death of the previous one. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

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