Sanne Wohlenberg (sometimes credited outside of Doctor Who as Sanne Craddick born 9 August 1968[1]) is a producer whose Doctor Who debut was on A Christmas Carol. Born in Germany, she is the first producer of Doctor Who to speak English as a second language. She is the second credited producer — behind American Peter V. Ware — not born a British subject.

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Wohlenberg's British career stretches back to at least the start of the 21st century. She was the line producer of the 2001 tele-film Men Only, starring Marc Warren, Martin Freeman, Daniel Ryan, and Jenna Russell. In 2003, she worked with Helen McCrory, Anthony Calf, and Penelope Wilton on the television adaptation of Lucky Jim. That same year, she also was the initial producer on the James Nesbitt drama Murphy's Law, costume designed by Lucinda Wright. In 2006, she was BAFTA-nominated for her production of the 2005 serial Funland, featuring Burn Gorman and Mark Gatiss. She went on to produce the 2007 six-parterThe Whistleblowers, starring Indira Varma and Daniel Ryan, and partially directed by Richard Clark.

Immediately before her work on Doctor Who, she produced two high-profile projects: Lindsay Duncan's performance as Margaret Thatcher in Margaret and Kenneth Branagh's version of Kurt Wallander in series 2 of Wallander. On both projects, she worked with key members of the crew that would join her on A Christmas Carol. Her post-production supervisor on Margaret was Beewan Athwal, who would be her visual effects producer on Carol. On Wallander, she would work with series 6 costume designer, Barbara Kidd.

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