Sanjira was a native of Dronid born in 15264 who joined Faction Paradox by age 34. He participated in the Faction's attempts to gain territory on planet. His aging was accelerated by the aftereffects of the first battle of the War in Heaven.

In 15414, Cousin Sanjira was in charge of the Mission in Smithmanstown when he was contacted by Little Sister Justine and told of the discovery of the Relic. Sanjira decided that a Time Lord corpse was of no use to the Faction and that it would be respectful to send it into the Vortex with a Parting Prayer. Sanjira dreamed of a spirit, from which he learned the importance of the Relic he had thrown away. To punish himself, he killed his eight-year-old past self, wiping himself out in a paradox. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

Cousin Justine worried that her own failure to retrieve the Relic would lead to her destroying herself the way Father Sanjira had. (AUDIO: The Eleven Day Empire)

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