Sandblasted was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2013.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Concealed in the sands of the Sahara Desert, a camel-like alien capable of whipping up a sandstorm waits ready to invade...

Plot[edit | edit source]

Clara gets out of the TARDIS, disappointed, saying she wanted to go somewhere with a bit of sun and sand, and the Eleventh Doctor takes her to the Sahara Desert. The Doctor looks back, to see Bedouin tribesfolk running away, because they are scared of something. A man tells The Doctor to flee from the "Mighty Djinn". As the Doctor says it is a mythical spirit, like a genie, a sandstorm rises up, with red eyes and mouth, seeming to have a sort of body. The "Djinn" is sucking them in, as the tribe members begs to be spared. The Doctor takes out his sonic screwdriver, but he accidentally drops it. Clara gets it, and asks what to do, with the reply of the instructions to "press the top button twice and twist it clockwise".

The sandstorm vanishes for a bit, because of rain, but it won't be for long. The Doctor goes to the TARDIS to get more equipment, but Clara sees something like a small dome — partially revealed by the rainwater. She taps it and says it feels like metal. Meanwhile, the Djinn is blocking the TARDIS. The Doctor makes a pun: "Hello, Djinn, I see you've pulled yourself together!" The Doctor uses his sonic and he disappears. Clara wonders where the Djinn went; the Doctor says he had blocked the signal that came from the cloaked space pod she discovered. When he looks inside, he sees it is being controlled by a camel-like creature. The Doctor sends it safely on a one-way trip back to its home planet.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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Original print details[edit | edit source]

  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWA 318 (4 pages) More adventures next week
  • The final frame contains the caption "more adventures next week" - which for a now fortnightly title is incorrect and also reoccurs in several later issues.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

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