San Pedro Overflow Camp, or US Medical Lot 338, was an area in the city of San Pedro, California. It was set up as an Overflow camp to take in patients after Miracle Day caused hospitals to run out of room. It was run by Colin Maloney.

Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond and Dr. Vera Juarez gained access to the camp as a patient, a clerical worker, and a panel inspector respectively. Rex intentionally got himself classified as a category one patient so that he could be moved to a Module. Here, he discovered and recorded the truth regarding the government's plans to incinerate patients. Vera herself was burned alive at this camp by the camp's director, after she threatened to report him for the mistreatment of patients here. (TV: The Categories of Life) After the investigations by Esther and Rex and the "death" of Colin Maloney, the camp was officially investigated, though it is unknown if it was shut down. (TV: The Middle Men)

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