San Diego Comic-Con was a comic book convention in San Diego.

The Eleventh Doctor took Amy and Rory to the convention to meet Hamilton Wilson, the creator of Captain Rocket. (COMIC: Convention Special)

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald later visited the convention in 2015. (COMIC: Selfie)

Behind the scenes Edit

In real life, the San Diego Comic Con has featured a number of major Doctor Who promotional appearances since the series returned to television, with notable representation at the 2009 and 2013 events; during the latter, exclusive trailers for The Day of the Doctor and An Adventure in Space and Time were unveiled months before the general public officially saw them. The cast - including Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman - also appeared at the 2015 edition of SDCC, a fact announced in Episode 5 of The Fan Show; coincidentally, the same convention attended, fictionally, by the Twelfth Doctor and Clara in Selfie. Torchwood has also been promoted at SDCC, with the 2009 edition featuring a screening of an episode of Children of Earth.

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