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San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con (also known as Comic-Con International: San Diego and SDCC) was a comic book convention in San Diego.

The Eleventh Doctor took Amy and Rory to the convention to meet Hamilton Wilson, the creator of Captain Rocket. (COMIC: Convention Special)

The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald later visited the convention in 2015. (COMIC: Selfie)

Behind the scenes[]

In real life, the San Diego Comic Con has featured a number of major Doctor Who promotional appearances since the series returned to television, with notable representation at the 2009 and 2013 events; during the latter, exclusive trailers for The Day of the Doctor and An Adventure in Space and Time were unveiled months before the general public officially saw them. The cast - including Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman - also appeared at the 2015 edition of SDCC, a fact announced in Episode 5 of The Fan Show; coincidentally, the same convention attended, fictionally, by the Twelfth Doctor and Clara in Selfie. Torchwood has also been promoted at SDCC, with the 2009 edition featuring a screening of an episode of Children of Earth.

Doctor Who panels[]

Year Date Timeslot Location Moderator Guests
2008[1] Thursday 24 July 12:00-13:00 Ballroom 20 Julie Gardner, Steven Moffat[2]
2009[3] Sunday 26 July 10:00-11:00 Ballroom 20 Devin Johnson David Tennant, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Euros Lyn
2011[4] Sunday 24 July 12:30-13:30 Hall H Adam Rogers BBC America's Doctor Who
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Piers Wenger, Beth Willis, Toby Whithouse
2012[5] Sunday 15 July 12:30-13:30 Hall H Chris Hardwick BBC America's Doctor Who
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Steven Moffat, Caroline Skinner
2013[6] Sunday 21 July 12:30-13:30 Hall H Craig Ferguson BBC America's Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, David Bradley, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Marcus Wilson
2015[7] Thursday 9 July 14:15-15:15 Hall H Chris Hardwick Doctor Who: BBC America's Official Panel
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Steven Moffat
2017 Sunday 23 July 14:00-15:00 Hall H Chris Hardwick Doctor Who: BBC America Official Panel
Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss
2018[8] Thursday 19 July 11:45-12:45 Hall H Terri Schwartz[9] Doctor Who: BBC America's Official Panel
Jodie Whittaker, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Chris Chibnall, Matt Strevens

Torchwood panels[]

Year Date Timeslot Location Moderator Guests
2007[10] Thursday 26 July 14:15-15:15 Room 6A Craig Tomashoff BBC America: Torchwood
Chris Chibnall, Noel Clarke, Matt O'Toole
2008 Thursday 24 July 13:00-14:00 Ballroom 20 John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Naoko Mori, Julie Gardner[11][12]
2009 Sunday 26 July 14:15-15:45 Ballroom 20 Rich Sands BBC America: Being Human/Torchwood
John Barrowman, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Euros Lyn
2011[13] Friday 22 July 10:00-11:00 Ballroom 20 Denise Martin Torchwood: Miracle Day
John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman, Alexa Havins, Jane Espenson

Other panels & screenings[]

Year Date Timeslot Location Moderator Guests
2009[14] Saturday 25 July 19:30-22:00 Room 6DE n/a Torchwood/Doctor Who Screenings

Children of Earth: Day Five & Planet of the Dead

2010[15] Thursday 22 July 20:00-23:00 Room 6DE n/a BBC America: U.S. Premiere Screenings of Doctor Who and Being Human
The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
2014[16] Saturday 26 July 15:00-16:00 Room 25ABC Doctor Who Comics Panel
Nick Abadzis, Elena Casagrande, Alice X. Zhang
2014[17] Sunday 27 July 11:00-12:00 Room 29A C.J. DeAngelus The Cross-Generational Appeal of Doctor Who
Billy Javandel, Bob Mitch, Ewan J. Anderson, Vickie Sebring, E. Gerry Hoard
2015[18] Thursday 9 July 9:00-10:00 Sails Pavilion / Autograph Area n/a Limited Signing Drawing for Doctor Who
2015[19] Saturday 11 July 15:30-16:30 Room 5AB Doctor Who Comics Panel: Year Two, Crossover Event and New Miniseries!
Cavan Scott, Blair Shedd, Paul Cornell, George Man, Alice X. Zhang
2016[20] Saturday 23 July 15:30-16:30 Room 5AB Doctor Who and Torchwood Comics
John Barrowman, Carole E. Barrowman, Cavan Scott, George Mann, Rob Williams, Paul Cornell, Andrew James
2017[21] Thursday 20 July 14:00-15:00 Grand 1 & 2, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Doctor Who Cosplay: Traditional and Alternative Takes on Cosplaying for Doctor Who
Patricia Miller, Karen Glover, Sara Katz-Scher, Neil A. Williams II, Andrew T. Elkins
2017 Thursday 20 July 17:00-17:50 Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront Kyle Anderson BritBox's Classic Doctor Who Panel with Lost Episode Preview and Q&A
Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred
2017[22] Saturday 22 July 15:30-16:30 Room 5AB Doctor Who and Torchwood Comics
Cavan Scott, George Mann, Andrew James
2018[23] Saturday 21 July 11:00-12:00 Grand 1 & 2, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Sandro Monetti Timey Whimey Fun: Cosplaying Doctor Who, Villains, and Friends
Cody Shoberg, John Dyer V, Jim Holland, Andrew Elkins, Patricia A. Miller, Kristi Schoeman, Karen Glover
2018[24] Saturday 21 July 14:00-15:00 Grand 9, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina The Musical Universe of Doctor Who
Blair Mowat
2018[25] Saturday 21 July 17:30-18:30 Room 7AB Doctor Who: The Road to 13
Chris Thompson, Jody Houser, Cavan Scott, George Mann, Paul Cornell, Kelly Yates
2019[26] Friday 19 July 15:00-16:00 Grand 10 & 11, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Sandro Monetti Classic vs. Current Doctor Who
River Alexandra Song, Kristi Schoeman, Jim Holland, John Dyer V, Karen Glover, Bonnie Castillo, Cody Shoberg
2019[27] Sunday 21 July 10:00-11:00 Room 25ABC Doctor Who: Creating Thirteenth Doctor Comics
David Leach, Jody Houser, Cavan Scott, George Mann