Samuel Pike was a pirate captain — and master of the Black Albatross — who searched for Captain Avery's treasure in a small Cornish village. He had lost his hand and in its place had a unique implement, not unlike a pike, from which he got his surname.

Pike met the First Doctor, whom Cherub had captured and brought to the ship.

Pike was also interested in joining Squire Edwards' smuggling ring. He left the Doctor and Jacob Kewper on the ship while he and Cherub met with the Squire on shore. When he returned to the ship, he learned that the Doctor and Kewper had tricked Jamaica and escaped, so he killed Jamaica with his pike.

Pike and Cherub made arrangements with the Squire but planned to betray him. Pike and his men came ashore in search of the Squire's smuggled goods. Pike found Cherub trying to make arrangements with the Doctor for the Avery's gold, so Pike killed Cherub for betraying him.

The Doctor negotiated with Pike, promising him he could have the entire share of the gold if he would leave the town unharmed. The Doctor told Pike what he had learned from Joseph Longfoot, but when revenue officer Josiah Blake and his men arrived, Pike suspected the Doctor of laying a trap. He tried to kill the Doctor, but he was stopped by the Squire and shot and killed by Blake. (TV: The Smugglers)

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