Sammy Star, nicknamed the "Master of Magic," was a British stage magician of the 21st century. Initially, Star used to do children's parties. At some point, he entered the television talent contest Britain's Got Magic, but his performance was laughed off the programme. Following his humiliation, Star somehow acquired a Weeping Angel, who could drop its victims into the past by touching them. Upon discovering the powers of the Angel, Star devised an act that would take advantage of them. During his the "Graveyard Ghost act," a teenage girl would collide with the Angel during a brief moment when the lights were off, which would send her back into the past. Star always made sure to chose runaway girls who looked alike so that nobody would notice it was a new girl every night.

With his new act, the magician went from doing children's parties to having a sell-out West End show. Star's career and use of a dangerous alien were put to an end in 2012, following the intervention of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, who were visiting London. Star himself was inadvertently sent back in time by the Weeping Angel when one of his victims, now an elderly woman, knocked him off of a walkway and into the Angel with an apple. The Doctor later stated that he'd never heard of Sammy Star after he was sent back in time, suggesting that he failed to become very famous or rich as he'd wanted. The Doctor considered this to be punishment enough and only hoped that the rest of his victims found good lives in the past like Amber Reynolds did. (PROSE: Magic of the Angels)

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