Sally Sparrow's aunt was the aunt of Sally and Tim Sparrow and the wife of Uncle Hugh.

In the 1980s, Sally's aunt had Christmas parties at her house in Devon, and kept photos from them. According to Sally, some time after 1985, Hugh left her to be with Neville.

Sally often stayed over at her aunt's house. In 2005, after receiving mysterious messages from the Ninth Doctor from that time, Sally asked her aunt about Christmas 1985, but Sally's aunt couldn't remember anything. Wondering if the messages were intended for another Sally Sparrow in her family, Sally asked her aunt if there was. She said no and told her to go to bed.

That night, Sally's aunt put a box of photographs from 1985 on Sally's bedside table for her to look at later. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow)

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