On Pete's World, Sally Phelan was a young bride-to-be turned into a Cyberman. She was going to marry a man named Gareth on 2 February 2007.

The night before her wedding, Sally Phelan was "upgraded" into a Cyberman. She attempted to attack the Tenth Doctor and Mrs Moore. Mrs Moore activated an electromagnetic pulse bomb, which destroyed her emotional inhibitor and her emotions returned. The loss of the inhibitor also brought back other vestiges of her humanity, as her voice could be heard behind the mechanical drone that the Cybermen were given. Unaware of what she had become, Sally told the Doctor and Mrs Moore who she was and asked where Gareth was, and said she was so cold before the Doctor shut down her systems, mercifully ending her life. Her death was not in vain, as it revealed the key to the Cybermen's eventual defeat. (TV: The Age of Steel)

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