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Sally Morgan (born 2000) was a companion of the Seventh Doctor during his war with the Elder Gods.



Sally's parents were soldiers, meaning that they were called away on duty often. They were killed in the Middle East in 2009 when their convoy was ambushed. From the age of nine, she was raised by her grandfather, who had served as a colonel in the Iraq War. (AUDIO: Black and White)

Sally was in the chess club at her school. She did her Duke of Edinburgh award, spending some time camping on the Ridgeway near Wantage. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

In 2015, she was a 15-year-old orphan who was living with her grandfather. (AUDIO: Project: Nirvana)

She was a Catholic. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders)

Adult life[]

She later followed in her parents and grandfather's footsteps and joined the British Army, serving as a private in the King's New Delta Squadron by 2020. (AUDIO: Black and White)

In 2020, Sally was involved with the Blue Fire Project, as part of this she was placed into a dreamworld where she had lost her memory and met Magnus Soames. In this dreamworld she started to explore it with Rachel McMahon but they started to have a bit of paranoia. She eventually realised she could remember the infrastructure of the Earth but not things personal to herself. She first met the Seventh Doctor before dinner who explained some of what was going on. After dinner her phobia kicked in when neither Soames nor Jerome Fisher could see her. The Doctor managed to help her out of it and told her to watch over Toby Dodds before he was trapped in a mirror which she later smashed. She was the first to be revived from sedation. Sally joined the Doctor in the Black TARDIS after they defeated the Mi'en Kalarash, one of the Elder Gods which fed on nightmares. (AUDIO: House of Blue Fire)

Sally accompanied the Doctor to Mars, where they checked hieroglyphs on the tomb of an ancient star god. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

Two weeks after joining the Doctor they tracked down zombie lizards on a cemetery planet that were reanimated by their Elder God. During her travels with the Doctor, they were joined by Lysandra Aristedes. (AUDIO: Black and White)

One of her missions with the Doctor and Lysandra was to Romania in 2015, where she met a younger version of Lysandra who used a truth sayer to find out why she was there. When Derleth escaped, Sally was controlled by him and had extreme mood changes. She worshiped him and attacked Lysandra. (AUDIO: Project: Nirvana)

At some point, Lysandra taught her how to fly a helicopter. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders)

After Lysandra and Her picked up Ace and Hex from a collapsing dimension. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive) Sally helped Hex to calm down and told him about she joined the Doctor and her life. She then went with Hex into the White TARDIS and followed the Black TARDIS to 5th century Denmark. After they landed the White TARDIS went transparent. She wast thought by Wiglaf to be a Valkyrie from Valhalla. Later Wiglaf and Beowulf thought her and Hex were demons. Her fellow companion Hex always referred to her as "Sal." (AUDIO: Black and White) She travelled with Hex, Ace and Lysandra to the Land of Fenric. She found the edge of the world when following a River. Fenric sent her into her personal future using a Time Storm. At this time she was a General in charge of a high powerful weapon, which she aimed to use to destroy an alien fleet but she needed the code from Lysandra, initially using a Truthsayer on her. Both her younger and older self simultaneously worked out that the code was the next move in a famous chess game. The use of the weapon would destroy the earth. She was then rescued by Peggy Marsden and taken back to the board. The Doctor realised Hex had been possessed by Fenric when he heard Hex call her "Sally." (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters) On several occasions, Ace referred to her as "Sergeant Barbie" and "Private Benjamin". (AUDIO: Black and White, Signs and Wonders)

After the Doctor took her back to her own time she sought out Hilda Schofield, Hex's grandmother, and looked after her. At the Doctor's memorial for Hex, she turned up when the Doctor couldn't do the eulogy with Hilda's heckling, and performed the eulogy. She told the Doctor of how the local police told her of the gang warfare. When Koloon came to attack Hilda she protected Hilda before the Doctor stopped Koloon. (AUDIO: Afterlife)

Her grandfather died in the 2020s. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders)

After Hilda died she decided to go travelling, and became acquainted with Janet Green. She also started having dreams of the Hirudine. She couldn't manage to get a train away from Liverpool and ran into Ace at the train station. She told Ace what has been happening and blamed her for what had happened. She then rescued Hector when he fell in the Mersey. She helped the army to help the people of Liverpool when the Hirudine's attacked. When Ginny arrived in front of her she was given the choice of restoring Hex's memories which Ginny did. She kissed Hex to wake him up.

Sally eventually settled down with Hex and had a child named Cassie, after Hex's mother Cassie Schofield, though they never married. She was pregnant with another child when the Doctor and Ace visited Hex fifteen years after they parted ways. (AUDIO: Signs and Wonders)


Sally suffered from athazagoraphobia, the fear of being forgotten or ignored. (AUDIO: House of Blue Fire) It was caused by the Elder God Weyland manipulating her life to foreshadow the invisibility effect of his shield. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)