Sally-Anne Stubbins was the companion of the con artist Banto Zame, who impersonated the Doctor using "special effects" to create the illusion of an alien invasion.

Personality Edit

Sally-Anne was brash and very protective of Banto Zame until she realised what he was really like. She enjoyed cuddling with the Doctor and liked a guy who was a bit "beefy".

Meeting the Doctor Edit

The Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush stormed in on Sally-Anne in the Great Meeting Hall on Generios 1 after she and Banto "saved" the planet from an invasion by the Skelloids. She initially had a dislike for the Doctor, which was mutual as the Doctor didn't appreciate his reputation being "besmirched" by the two con artists.

She travelled with the Doctor to Generios 14 and Generios 15 while on the mission to find the Three Great Treasures of Generios. Sally-Anne fell in love with the Doctor, thinking he was sexy. She was disappointed when he didn't seem to return the feeling.

After the Doctor Edit

When Banto was taken by the Cylinder for crimes against its masters, Sally-Anne was still considered a hero by Potikol and the citizens of Generios 1. She was to receive 100,000 credits for saving the planet. (AUDIO: The One Doctor)

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