Sakkrat was a legendary planet whose inhabitants had supposedly achieved a great technological advance, the Highest Science, which led to their destruction.

Many widely separated cultures had myths about the planet. Martian mythology spoke of the fall of Sakkrat, City of the Wise. The Draconians referred to it as Ssaa Kraat and the High Knowledge. On Mulkos, the children were told of King Sacrat and his unspeakable discovery. Even the Eternals were aware of the legend.

When Sheldukher stole Project FXX Q84 from Checkley's World to find Sakkrat, destroying its creators and the files about it, the owners of the planet set a trap to recover the Project. Knowing that Sheldukher was looking for Sakkrat, they searched until they found Hogsumm, a planet that closely matched the legends. They further modified it so it resembled the legends more exactly. They set up various devices to capture the Project when Sheldukher finally found Hogsumm. Not knowing when this would be, they set up a slow time chamber to preserve the devices.

However, a faulty kronos element in the chamber generated a Fortean Flicker. This retroactively created by accident the legend of Sakkrat, a planet which ironically never existed in the first place. (PROSE: The Highest Science, AUDIO: The Highest Science)

The Ninth Doctor once claimed to know the "lost city of Sakkrat's" post code. (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)

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