Safenesthome was the home planet of the Metatraxi and the Grub. It was sentient, able to feel emotions and control the development of species on its surface.

Its original inhabitants were the Grub, but due to their voracious appetites, they ate and destroyed nearly everything on the planet. The planet evolved the Metatraxi in order to counter-act the Grubs and eventually drive them off the planet. The Metatraxi were an ideal species for it, as they were always off on other worlds fighting and killing. They therefore never spent enough time on the planet to ever properly harvest its resources.

Eventually the Grub came back to the planet, having been dumped on the planet along with a shipment of grain that was headed to that planet. The planet forgave the Grub and ordered both the Metatraxi and the Grub to live in peace with each other. (AUDIO: Earth Aid)

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