Sadok was the patriarch of the Eternals and the father of the Chronovore Prometheus, who broke the Ancient Covenants when he mated with the Eternal Elektra.

While the matriarch of the Chronovores, Lillith, wanted the child destroyed, as she considered it an abomination and presented her petition to the Six-Fold-God, Sadok argued thought that she was being evil, even for unimaginably cruel creatures such as the Chronovores. But the God decided it would live, imprisoning it in the Crystal of Kronos until the time it was needed.

When Kronos sacrificed himself to destroy the Mad Mind of Bophemeral and save reality, Lillith and Sadok appeared to the Sixth Doctor and, for his help, offered to return Maradnias to life after he'd destroyed it in a miscalculation. Together, they made it so that he and Melanie Bush never visited the world, reversing its destruction. (PROSE: The Quantum Archangel)

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