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Sadie Miller (born 25 February 1985[1]) is a British actress and author. She's the daughter of Brian Miller and Elisabeth Sladen.

She is most known for playing Natalie Redfern, a character in the Sarah Jane Smith audio series. She also appeared in the special Thirty Years in the TARDIS at a very young age, wearing a miniature replica of her mother's so-called "Andy Pandy" overalls from The Hand of Fear and Dimensions in Time.

Following Sladen's death in 2011, Miller was one of the many people to pay tribute. In an interview she said she found it too difficult to continue voice acting after her mother's death; however, she has continued writing, penning the Lethbridge-Stewart novel Moon Blink. (DWM 489)

Her novel, Moon Blink, contains a few nods to her mother's Doctor Who career; the origin story of Brendan Richards from K9 & Company, and the introduction of Charlie Redfern, a character connected to Natalie Redfern.

Since 2021, she has recreated her late mother's role of Sarah Jane Smith for Big Finish's audio adventures, beginning with Return of the Cybermen, an audio adaptation of Revenge of the Cybermen's original storyline.

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