Sacha Mary Palmer was waiting for a bus very early in the morning when she noticed a strange man standing nearby. Remembering that many young girls had gone missing recently, she decided to take a taxi. As she ran for the taxi, the man started to follow her. She jumped into the taxi, but the man had a hold of her ankle. The taxi driver sped away, and the man let go.

Sacha became nervous that the driver was going too fast. He turned his face to her, revealing that he was a vampire. The doors were locked and she couldn't get out.

Sacha's mobile phone rang, and she realised she could call for help. But the driver suddenly stopped the taxi, and she flew through the windshield. Injured by the glass, she lay on the pavement. The vampire approached her, but the man who tried to stop her before appeared. The vampire introduced the man as "the Doctor", then killed Sacha. The Doctor had his friend Peri stay with Sacha as she died. (PROSE: Trapped!)

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