Sacha Dhawan (born 1 May 1984[1][2]) played the Master in series 12 of Doctor Who, beginning with his introduction in Spyfall. Notably, he was the first non-white actor, and specifically the first British-Indian actor, to be cast in this role for television.[3]

He earlier played a fictionalised version of Waris Hussein in the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time.

Dhawan also voiced Jaldam in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story The Reviled, Joel Finch in Fallen Angels, Matthew in Ghost Walk, and Hasan in the Torchwood audio story Zero Hour.

Executive producer Matt Strevens had also offered Dhawan a role in series 11, for Demons of the Punjab, but he had to turn it down, as he was already away filming. He was later offered the part of the Master outright, without being asked to audition.[3]

Dhawan's Master appeared on a "Wanted" poster featured in the 2020 animation of Episode 1 of the 1967 story The Faceless Ones.

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Dhawan was in the original Royal National Theatre cast and film version of The History Boys, alongside James Corden, Russell Tovey, Samuel Barnett, and Samuel Anderson.

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