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SV7 was the only Super-Voc aboard Storm Mine 4 and was tasked with supervising the other Kaldor androids. It functioned as the co-ordinator of the command circuit.

Supervising the sandminer[]

When the Fourth Doctor and Leela found themselves aboard Storm Mine 4, SV7 reported their arrival, and subsequent escape, to Commander Uvanov. It rediscovered the Doctor inside a hopper, having viewed readings that displayed impurities in the ore it contained. SV7 brought the Time Lord before the crew, who had gathered in the wake of Chub's murder.

Chief Mover Ander Poul incapacitated Uvanov under the impression that he had killed Zilda and gave SV7 instructions to ensure he remained a captive. The robot communicated with Pilot Toos to confirm this order.

Under Capel[]

SV7 was reprogrammed by Taren Capel with a laserson probe so that it would obey his orders or, in Capel's eyes, grant it freedom. SV7 visited Toos to inform her that Uvanov was free as his voice had not be erased from the command program, allowing the Commander to order his guarding robot away. It made a status reports to Toos, informing her that repairs were progressing and that there had been localised failures in the power system resulting in "door and light malfunctions".

SV7 addressed a gathering of three Voc robots — V6, V5 and V4 — instructing them that Capel wanted the crew dead and that they were to kill Toos, Leela the Doctor respectively, keeping some corpse markers to the remained, which SV7 tasked itself with disposing of. However, the Doctor was able to confuse V4 and V5, leaving them attacking one another. SV7 called V6 to Section J just as it was strangling Toos, leaving her alive.

Toos contacted SV7 to warn it that the Voc robots were running amok. The Super-Voc asked the pilot to tell it her location, but Leela had her lie when she realised something was terribly wrong when SV7 asked for confirmation of who it was speaking too. After the message was cut out Toos told Leela it was strange SV7 had asked who she was, given that her voice was in the command program, leading to the realisation that it had been corrupted.

With secrecy no longer required, Taren Capel came out of hiding and led a party of robots, including SV7, against the survivors. The Super-Voc informed Capel that V5 had been destroyed and was given an order to "kill all the humans".

SV7 came across Capel when he was trying to attack the Doctor with a laserson probe. As Leela had released helium into the room, it did not recognise its Commander's voice and, repeating the phrase "kill the humans", strangled him to death. It then turned on Uvanov, knocking him to the ground, and started to strangle Toos when the Doctor thrust a laserson probe through its head, deactivating it. (TV: The Robots of Death)

Behind the scenes[]

SV7 was released as an action figure in Wave 1 of Classic Series Character Options action figures.