SV57 was a Super-Voc that assisted Senior Surgeon Arak Varren at Kaldor City Hospital.

Biography Edit

SV57 was built with an empathy chip as a prototype for a range of Super-Vocs that would be able to engage in psychological counselling. The empathy chip conflicted with other circuits and did not work. However, it had the effect of breaking down some of the constraints upon it that kept it from sentience, assisted by its memory being wiped thousands of times.

It was assigned to assist Arak Varren at Kaldor City Hospital where it had its memories wiped five times for surgical errors and eighteen times for reasons unspecified, allowing Varren to cover up mistakes and problems caused by his worsening Yanshi syndrome. It was willing to do this as Varren had told it that it would be destroyed if its sentience became known.

It anaesthetised Jasdar Crick in the presence of her husband, Roboanalyst Volar Crick, and took her to the theatre where Senior Surgeon Varren told it not to get involved. As a result of Varren's condition, Jasdar died and, after Liv Chenka uncovered this, SV57 took the blame once more per Varren's order. After Liv discovered the truth, SV57 saw her as a threat to Varren and attempted to scare her.

Liv and Tula Chenka learnt of SV57's sentience and V48 brought it to Skellen's attention. They prevented her from carrying out another murder and Skellen agreed not to reset it if it were able to prove that she was self-aware, which it did. (AUDIO: The Robots of Life) He had Volar Crick check it over and look into its sentience, research that he used to nudge SV39 towards sentience. (AUDIO: Love Me Not)

Personality Edit

SV57 knew that it was a unique robot but did not know whether or not it was self-aware. (AUDIO: The Robots of Life)

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