The SS Pentallian was a Transtellar cargo ship operating in the 42nd century, transporting cargo throughout a galaxy "half a universe" away from Earth.


The ship possessed heat shielding to protect it from intense heat. However, the hotter that the outer hull got, the weaker those shields became. The ship also had escape pods. (TV: 42)


The ship's captain, Kath McDonnell, had illegally stolen some gas from the Torajii sun, not knowing that the sun was in fact alive. Torajii was angered and used its gas to possess crew members like Korwin McDonnell and Dev Ashton to kill the remaining crew one by one. The ship was also sabotaged so it would collide into Torajii, destroying itself. When the gas was released, Torajii left the crew alone and let the survivors leave.

The Pentallian was apparently using sun fuel to power itself up, but the sun was alive, possessing Korwin McDonnell, who began a murderous rampage through the ship. (TV: 42)

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The Pentallian was designed by Concept Designer Peter McKinstry, who recalled, "It was scripted as a beat-up old tug boat, so we researched by finding interesting boat shapes and naval silhouettes, then bending them to come up with a spaceship with subtle echoes of those features. The main corridor, the ship's spine, was integral to the script, so it was integral to the design." At least one concept image was drawn by McKinstry, realised using Photoshop on 5 January 2007. The illustration was approved and the design process continued from there on. "This locked design was passed onto The Mill. who built it in 3D," McKinstry concluded. (ImageFX magazine, October 2008, p. 65)

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